Chagrin River Partners has worked for 8 years with the Exponent lead developers to find a powerful and easy to edit vehicle for organizations that want to invest in themselves instead of Web Developer Control and pricing.

There is a new standard for investing in your company or non-profit website.

Its a new bottom line: Affordability


News Module Overview

The news module below contains several example news posts / press releases. The module automatically formats your content with a Title, Summary, and 'Read More' link. The summary is auto-generated by taking the first paragraph of the news post body.

The same news module below is also displayed in the sidebar column on most pages (for some themes) using a different 'view'. This is an example of content aggregation.

My first news post

Feb 11, 2009   |  Tags: example

A lot of default content on the net uses Latin text, we have chosen to also use English gobbledygook.  This news post is not displayed in the sidebar, because it is not 'featured.' ...

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